Project Road Map

Algorithmic Trading and Trading with Artificial Intelligence

Key stages in the roadmap of the project.

Project Road Map

We are moving forward according to the project roadmap. We made the most important step, the algorithmic trading software, and it's working. It performs automatic trading on exchanges.

AI Powered Trading Robot

We will further increase transaction success rates with artificial intelligence support.

Road Map

The roadmap of our algorithmic trading and automated trading robot project.

You can review the construction phases of the algorithmic trading robot, the roadmap of the project and what we do on the roadmap. In addition, you can review the construction rates of what we do and what we will do on the project roadmap.

Project Planning and Design - 2020
Infrastructure Studies and Server Installations - 2021
Virtual Robot Software and Tests - 2021
Algorithm designs and improvements - 2021
Algorithm, Indicator and Strategy software - 2021
Web Application -2021
Website - 2022
IOS and Android Applications - 2023
Promotion and Advertising - 2023
Marketing and Sales - 2023

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  • You Can Be an Investor

    we can move the project forward together in a shorter time By strengthening the infrastructure, it becomes ready to serve millions of users, in this way, you will be able to share in big profits..

  • Are you a Cryptocurrency Trader?

    You can trade using our system. You save time and risks. Contact us for AlgorithmicTrade.

  • You can contribute to the development of the project.

    If you have a successful indicator, algorithm and strategy, we can add it to the system. we can agree on a model in which you and we will be profitable together.

  • Do you have software experience in the financial industry?

    f you are an expert with knowledge of Python, Node Js, React Native, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, you can join our team. however, it is essential that you know and use the Crypto exchange working methods well.

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