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    Let the algorithmic trading robot buy and sell for you. You rest and enjoy life. Let Bitcoinx buy or sell for you, you just look at your profits.

How does it work

Earn money from cryptocurrency trading in 3 easy steps. It reduces your risk and increases your profits. It works even while you sleep.

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    Sign up

    Sign up for a free account on the web, iOS or Android and perform easy verification.

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    Choose your preferred deposit method and deposit some crypto into your bitcoin account. The robot will collect commission fees arising from profitable transaction fees from the amount in your botcoinx account. Botcoinx does not care about your account or wallet on the exchange you are trading.

  • 3

    Select coins, run them, start earning.

    You choose the money you want to exchange. Enter the amount you want to trade into the system. You choose one of the ready-made algorithmic trading methods. Save and run. Start earning. Register now

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Why choose Botcoinex

There are many reasons to trade with the Bitcoinx bot.

Earn as prices go up and down

Buy & Sell

Earn as prices rise and fall. Bitcoinx bot turns price drops into opportunities. It gives you profit. You don't need to be in front of the screen all the time. However, if you wish, the system also allows you to buy and sell transactions manually from your panel.

Earn as prices go up and down

Secure ans Safe

IIt is extremely safe. You can trade with confidence. You can further increase the security measures from the user panel if you wish. You can limit the IP. If you wish, you avoıd to any computer to operate outside of its own IP.



A good strategy is needed for the gain to be permanent. Apart from the strategies offered by Botcoinx, you can create your own custom strategies. The tools that Botcoinx offers while creating a strategy will provide you with maximum benefit.

Exchange Tools

Link your botcoinx account to your exchange with the API information of the exchanges you trade. Botcoinx robots trade bots as much as you give them. You are in control of the API. The restriction and suspension of the authorization is ın your control. It does not ask for transfer authorization in any way. Transfer authorized APIs are not allowed to be added to the system.


You can perform algorithmic trading indicators, models, strategies and backtesting in the system according to the coin you choose. You can further increase your successful trades by making adjustments according to the strategy you see as successful. You can also perform your tests by opening virtual transactions and performing simulation operations.

Income Increase Opportunities

You can also take advantage of their earnings by allowing other users to use your successful strategies. Or you can earn more by copying and using the strategy you find successful. Botcoinx offers you more earning opportunities. The basic principle of Botcoinx is the win-win principle. The more Botcoinx earns for you, the happier he is

100% Secure

Getting Started

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Trading carries a risk to your capital and perhaps may not be suitable for all investors and traders.